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*** At Four Paws Cattery we specialize in the breeding of the Foundation Polydactyl Maine Coons. This cat has more than the average four toes per paw. A "POLYDACTYL" can be on the front paws only. We refer to them as a 2WD [WHEEL DRIVE]. They can also be a Polydactyl on all four paws or a 4WD [WHEEL DRIVE], on the average a female Maine Coon will grow between 10 + 14 lbs., and a male will go from 14 lbs. and can go up over 20 lbs. A very large percentage of the first Maine Cats [as they were called back then] where Poly's, and man has played around with the breed and taken that trait out for show reasons. I am restoring the breed back to its God given state, not what man thinks it should be.

*** We also have regular pawed Maine Coons for those who like only the regular paws.

*** We have been breeding Polydactyl Maine Coons now for 28 years and have never had a problem with their feet or toes; they are very different from a regular pawed cat. You can drop a pen/pencil on the floor and they will come along and be able to pick it up because they use their extra toes like we would use our thumbs.

Most Maine Coon Cat Show Breeders don't have a whole lot to say to people who are looking to buy a Polydactyl because they don't want these very unique animals back in the show ring where they once were and still are.

Some of these breeders are open to the idea of bringing the Polydactyl back, though most are not, but we are finding here at "FOUR PAWS", they are very popular and more and more people are asking for them. So do your own research on "Maine Coon Foundation Polydactyl Breeders" and decide for yourself!

*** We are registered in ACA, CFF, TICA, and CFA.  All our kittens have had their shots/worming up to date and their parents have been feline leukemia tested and FIV tested. All new owners have a 1 year Health Guarantee on their new kittens and our kittens are all kitty box trained.

*** The 1 year Health Guarantee covers hereditary and genetic defects, anything that will shorten the life span of a cat/kitten, this dose not include anything else, just a defect that was not detected at time of sale.  If  in 10 days of buying a cat/kitten from us, your vet finds life threatening problems that will shorten the cat/kitten's lifespan, you NEED TO CALL ME ASAP. This does not include the STRESS problems that will follow a kitten to a new home such as a runny nose, runny eyes, the runs, etc. STRESS is a big factor for cats/kittens leaving their siblings, the home that they were born and raised in, and the smells that they are use to in our homes. With these findings when you buy a cat/kitten off from us, you will be given a STRESS PAPER to read and follow; if it is not followed, the Guarantee will not take place. We will need all TESTING RESULTS that your vet has made on said cat/kitten in writing and all copies of your vet visits.

*** We will not accept anything from a vet that he/she guesses on; we want it in writing with test results in order for this 1 year Health Guarantee to be upheld. *NO EXCEPTIONS*

*** We are breeding primarily Foundation Maine Coon cats here at Four Paws. There is no inbreeding and very little line breeding. We try to keep all of our blood line as clean as possible. We favor the appleheads [rounder more sweeter looking faces], as compared to the pharaoh heads [longer nose and a wilder look to them]. Foundation Maine Coon Cats cannot be found in Europe or in other countries. Most states within the United States are not sources of (foundation) Maine Coons.

"Maine Coons do not shed their hair or mat, as long as

you keep them brushed out. We have sold many cats/kittens

to people who have severe allergies, and are not allergic to Maine Coons."

*** Questions & Answers:

My cat looks just like a Maine Coon Cat. Could it be one? How can I tell?

"I'm certain that some purebred cat got lost because my cat has to be purebred", "We were given this wonderful cat and it looks just like the cats in the books", "We adopted", "It found us by the roadside", "My vet says so", etc. - all of these circumstance cats that so many love and own sometimes resembles Maine Coon Cats and many want to know if their cat is of Maine Coon Heritage:

  • 1st: There is no such thing as a "SHORT HAIR- BOB TAIL MAINE COON". Coons at certain times while growing may look short hair, but once matured [5 years old], they are all long hair cats.

  • 2nd: All cats come in the same colors: color is NOT what makes a Maine Coon Cat. Coons come in ALL colors, [EXCEPT THE SIAMESE OR HIMALAYAN PATTERNS].

  • 3rd: Fur between the toes, ear frills, neck ruffs and fluffy tails are all part of being a long-haired cat and "DOES NOT" make a cat a MAINE COON CAT, nor does the "M" on the forehead.  Any Tabby Cat [cats with stripes] of any breed will carry the "M"; it's part of the Tabby Markings. [IT DOES NOT STAND FOR MAINE].

  • 4th: The breed of cat known as the "MAINE COON CAT" originated in Maine Harborside villages and spread to coastal farm regions. This fact has a verification in HISTORY dating back to the 1800's. MAINE COON CATS are the Maine State Cat.

*** Charlene Delano Owner/Breeder at Four Paws Cattery. I have been handling animals for over 30 years. It is only in the past 28 years that we have started to specialize in the breeding of the Maine Coon Cats.


*** We have put a lot of time, energy, and hard work into these lines, and done years of research to be able to produce these cats/kittens; these are Four Paws Lines, and they are one of a kind and cannot be replaced.

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